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The Double Degree Program provides qualified students with the opportunity to graduate within the regular period of study of eight semesters with the Bachelor of Arts of the Faculty of Applied Arts Schneeberg and the Bachelor of Culture and Arts of HAMK Wetterhoff, i.e., with two bachelor’s degrees. This program is based on the school programs of both institutions. Students intending to graduate with a double degree must first apply for a regular degree program with one of the two schools. After enrollment, students spend the first four semesters of the degree program at their home university with studies following the respective curriculum.

Students interested in the exchange must apply for the Double Degree Program in their third subject-related semester at their home university. If their application is accepted, they will continue their fifth and sixth semesters at the partner university. Before the continuation of studies at the partner university, a study agreement will be set up, including all modules the student is going to take. The seventh semester is a compulsory internship semester, which may also be spent with a company in other countries than Germany. The bachelor’s thesis and the final project may be completed at home or at the partner university during the eighth semester.

Courses are given in English at HAMK Wetterhoff and in German at the Faculty of Applied Arts Schneeberg. All assessments will be mutually recognized. The double degree will only be conferred upon students who have successfully studied at the partner university for at least one year.

Upon graduation, successful students will receive two conjunct certificates conferring the degrees of both universities upon them.

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