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HAMK Wetterhoff

One of the partners participating in the double degree program is the University of Applied Sciences HAMK Wetterhoff in Hämeenlinna, Finland, which not only offers classes in fashion design including knitting, leather/fur, but also in shoe design, glass design, pottery, and industrial design. At the heart of HAMK’s course of study, which is based on the principles of Scandinavian design, are practice, and the development and implementation of technological innovations. In pursuing these objectives, HAMK Wetterhoff cooperates closely with numerous partners in the industry, and since 2009 the new Visamäki Campus offers design students the best working conditions for their studies. In addition to the double degree program, this school participates in various international exchange programs.


In 1885, the Finnish pedagogue Fredrika Wetterhoff (1844-1905) founded a sewing and weaving school to provide vocational education and training for rural and working-class girls. The school was named after her and teacher training at the Wetterhoff Craft School began a few years later. The reputation of the school soon spread even outside Finland and the school welcomed students from many European countries. Teaching at the Wetterhoff school relied on state-of-the-art technology. Fredrika wanted to ensure the future of her school and established a foundation to manage the school. In her will, she left the school building, which she owned, as well as all its contents to the foundation. Throughout its history, the Wetterhoff school has followed Fredrika's progressive views. 1992 Degree Programs in Design / Wetterhoff became a part of Hamk University of Applied Sciences and takes an active part in the Education and Research Center for Living Environment in Hamk.

International Programs

International exchange is based on bilateral agreements mainly within the Socrates/Erasmus Programme. We also have staff and student exchange with some non-European universities like Feevale University in Brazil and Finlandia University in USA and some universities in Far East. Each year we offer 13 – 15 courses conducted by the teaching staff from foreign universities and our staff is tutoring same amount of studies in our partner universities.

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For exchange students we offer well-equipped learning environment on Visamäki campus at Hämeenlinna with good facilities and interesting projects. In connection with the different major subjects there are three workshop-type product development units: Knitwear Studio, Wetterhoff Weavery and LaKeRa (Architectural glass and ceramics). These units provide customized training and consulting to the customer.

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