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Studios and Workshops, Fashion and Clothing

fashion, leather and knitwear studios with Industrial machinery, design software: Kaledo Style, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, pattern Cutting software: Lectra and GrafisTajima, embroidery machine, Stoll M1 and CMS

Studios and Workshops, Footwear

manual pattern making and CAD (Shoemaster) 2D and 3D pattern making programme, cutting and closing department: beam press machine and CAM , skiving machine flat bed machines, post bed machines, butted seam machine, lasting and bottoming department: flat lasting, stitch-down and light strobel machine, hand lasting tools, roughing machine and sole laying machine, pattern cutting design software, Shoemaster 3D, Shoemaster 2D Lectra (prints), CAD Embroidery

Studios and Workshops, Textile and Weavery

design software Kaledo, Photoshop, WeavePoint, software for supply-chain management, laser cutting technology, handlooms, computer aided handlooms, TC-jacquard handloom, handtufting (Hofmann), dornier powered rapier looms including accessories, craft-based printing and dyeing technologies, laboratory, basic finishing equipment photostudio, computer labs, drawing studio, wood and metal studios


a big central campus library with large collection of design books and magazines


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